Beautify Teeth

Beautify Teeth

Many people wish for a white and beautiful smile. Thanks to modern methods and technology in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry this wish can come true now.

Bleaching whitens your teeth gently and in a short amount of time by using active oxygen. The teeth will be bleached until your personal shade of colour shade and brightness is achieved. Scientific studies have shown that there is no indication of permanent damage to dental tissue or tooth structure by bleaching under supervision of a dentist. Bleaching is a sufficient way to treat tooth staining and tooth colouration quickly and effectively.

Power Bleaching

Power Bleaching whitens even most persistent tooth staining in a gentle way within one session by our dental hygienist. The whitening of your teeth takes about 90 to 120 minutes. During this time you can listen to music and relax.

Home Bleaching

Alternatively you can take over the treatment yourself by using tooth splints made especially for you. Therefore, laboratory fabricated and individualised fitted plastic splints will be made to the teeth completely. You will be closely advised by our dental team how to bleach your teeth correctly step by step at home.

Internal Bleaching

An internal bleaching can be used if there is a tooth which has resisted other whitening methods. This is mainly the case with devitalized teeth (dead teeth) The bleaching agent will be applied into the hollow tooth pulp cavity to reach internal discolouration which could cause a grey or brown appearance of the dental gums. As the whitening takes place gradually, it should be repeated several times in order to achieve exactly the desired whiteness. Once the result has been perfected, the crown of the tooth is then sealed permanently again.

No matter in which condition your dentition might be presently, a full arch rehabilitation can provide the opportunity to eliminate present lack of function, inflammation or aesthetic compromise.

Potential reasons for full arch rehabilitation might be:

Insufficient chewing functionality

Different former dental treatments of variable quality or multiple restorations of different colour.

Severe tooth damages caused by nutrition disorders like bulimia or gastro esophageal reflux disease

Tooth structure loss due to a lack of information about tooth protection and dental hygiene during childhood

The desire to correct misalignment or crowding of the natural dentition, finally due to a lack of orthodontic treatment during childhood

To fulfill the desire to have healthy and beautiful looking teeth

Full arch rehabilitations are complex and require meticulous treatment planning and high expertise in various field of advanced dentistry. It is advised to choose only experienced experts to ensure a predictable and excellent result.

Unfortunately, with an increasing age biological changes in the oral environment occur. This often leads to gum recession, tooth root exposure, bone loss or even inflammation or periodontal disease. This results in function and aesthetic compromises. Tooth loss, inflammation or dramatic accidents can cause significant damage to the jaw bone and demand hard and soft tissue augmentation. Periodontal microsurgical methods allow for minimal invasive surgeries to reconstruct healthy hard and soft tissue conditions.

VeneersVeneers are thin, tooth-coloured ceramic laminates (fabricated by dental technicians) which are bonded permanently onto the facial area of the teeth. In most cases only a very thin layer of the visible tooth structure has to be prepared. In comparison to a crown restoration almost all tooth hard tissue will be spared.

Dental Veneers allow covering big interdental spaces, correct misalignments or length differences. Even in cases, where bleaching is not sufficient to correct tooth discolouration, it is possible to reach a beautiful light tooth colour by using veneers.


Lumineers are very thin laminates which can be used in cases of minor misalignments, mild aesthetic corrections and moderate tooth discolouration. They can be as thin as contact lenses and are translucent. Therefore, they can improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth that look already moderately appealing. Due to this fact in some cases no preparation of the natural tooth is necessary to bond the lumineers permanently. Digital workflow and cad-cam based fabrication allow a prompt replacement in case of a fracture of a single lumineer. Yet in cases where interior teeth demonstrate multiple fillings, white gaps, trauma or severe discolouration lab-fabricated ceramic veneers are indicated.

Decorate your smile with a crystal  frost and enchant your environment with a double-radiant smile. The sparkling crystal is attached to one of the upper jaw front teeth. They determine the execution and placement.

The painless attachment of the dental stone to the molten tooth takes place without damage to the tooth hard substance within a few minutes. If necessary, the dental diamond can be removed at any time without great effort. Here, too, the tooth remains intact.

And so the tooth decoration is attached:

The tooth surface is cleaned and slightly polished

The molten tooth is prepared with an adhesion promoter

The tooth is carefully sprayed and dried

The jewel is attached with a special fixing medium and light-cured

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