Special Medical Procedures

Special Medical Procedures

Independent of what you expect of your dental treatment, we always provide evidence based dental treatments, applying state-of-the-art methods adapted to your personal needs. We will find the most suitable solution for you. People, who are afraid of the dentist, will be accompanied caringly on their way to fearless dental visits.

Many people are afraid of the dentist. Elfi Dental provides special therapy concepts for patients who are afraid of having dental treatment. We focus on your individual needs and offer you detailed consultation. Together we will find the best treatment strategy for your personal needs.

Traditional methods are regularly based on mechanical dental treatments in direct contact with the tissue. Nowadays, the use of laser instruments permits treatments without direct contact to the tissue. Therefore, especially surgically procedures on soft and hard tissue are atraumatic, almost painless and secure a fast healing. If decontamination (elimination of bacteria, viruses or fungal) is necessary on dental surfaces, dental implants or tissue, laser treatment can soon be conducted and can also have biostimulative effects on tissue healing. It is also possible to remove dental decay and to produce fillings with laser technology.

Improvements in biomaterial research (especially composites and ceramics) as well as dental adhesive technology allow long-term restorations with only minor preparation of teeth. In other words: extensive tooth preparations for restorative rehabilitation are often not required anymore. Minimal invasive restorative methods require a high-level competence in treatment strategies and techniques.

Thanks to modern anaesthetic methods and medication, treatment under general anaesthesia is a very safe option today and can also be performed ambulant. Normally, the patient can go home accompanied approximately one hour after surgery. At your Elfi Dentaldental competence centre, anaesthesia is performed by a trusted team of experienced anaesthetists in collaboration with Hospitals within Mombasa.

When is a treatment under general anaesthetic indicated?

A treatment under general anaesthetic is recommended when a patient has great fear of the dental treatments (dentophobia) or in cases of extended surgical interventions (e.g. implants).

It as advantage of the treatment under general anaesthetic that different treatment steps can be combined. Therefore, the number of necessary treatments can be reduced.

Alternative sedation methods

In addition to treatment under general anaesthesia, Elfi Dental offers also alternative sedation methods, such as laughing gas and pre-medication.

The starting point of hypnotherapy is the idea that certain problems, such as some health symptoms, arise in the subconscious. The consequences of these problems are often all too consciously felt – therefore the hypnotherapy tries to alleviate the symptom by a targeted “reprogramming” of the subconscious trigger.

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