Dr. Fiona G Mwang’ombe


DR. Fiona G MWANG’OMBE Completed her dental studies at the  University of Nairobi in 2005. She practiced general dentistry for 4 years before narrowing her dental scope to Orthodontics where she studied post graduate interceptive Orthodontics in Cape town South Africa till 2010 . She thereafter  proceeded to a 4 year fellowship training and was successfully examined by the International Board of  Orthodontists becoming the first IAO Fellow in Kenya. She gained her Masters  in Orthodontics from Cape town South Africa and is now Board  certified Orthodontist with the Kenyan Medical and dental practitioners board as well as an active member of various local and international dental and Orthodontic associations.


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ELFI Dental Care, Links Road, Nyali, Next to Nyali Children’s Hospital, Mombasa.

Advisor: Fiona G Mwang’ombe

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